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• Plan and Implement Projects
• Help Define Product Scope, Goals, & Deliverables
• Define Tasks and Required Resources
• Identify and Manage Project Team
• Manage Budget
• Allocate Project Resources
• Create Schedule and Project Timeline
• Track Deliverables

Tier I

20 Hours/Month

Tier II

40 Hours/Month


• Manage Personal and Confidential Information
• Prepare Reports, Memos, Emails, and Letters
• Answer Phones and Route Calls Handle Filing and Retrieving Records, Documents and Reports
• Conduct Research
• Help Prepare for Meetings and Accurately Recording Meetings in Minutes
• Make Travel Arrangements
• Manage Emails and Calendar

Tier I

20 Hours/Month

Tier II

40 Hours/Month


• Write and Distribute E-Newsletters to Subscribers
• Brainstorm, Create, and Manage Blog Content
• Communicate Content Timelines
• Write and Edit Copy
• Provide Reports on Success of Content
• Manage Social Media Channels and Communication
• Engage on Social Media Platforms to Increase Presence
• Help to Create and Streamline Content
• Report Audience Information and Demographics, and Success of Existing Social Media Project
• Propose New Ideas and Concepts for Social Media Content
• Work to Coordinate Ad Campaigns with Social Media Strategy

Tier I

1 Profile

Tier II

2 Profiles

Tier II

3 Profiles


• Need Multiple/Various Assistants to Help Manage Business or Organization
• Affordable Pricing To Ensure Your Business is Getting The Support You Need
• Competitive Pricing to Work With Your Budget
• Team That Works Together to Ensure Your Business is Streamlined and Operating Smoothly

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