How to Diminish Your Fears of Outsourcing

We all know that to increase the chances of creating a scalable business venture, it is critical that we delegate specific projects of our business to skilled personnel.  Why? Simply because there is not enough time in your day to perform every thing required to sustain your business, while putting out great work.

The Power of Outsourcing

This brings us to the solution and power of outsourcing.  But why is it so hard to bring in others to help knock out all the tasks that you really don’t have interest in doing yourself?

Is it an issue of trust, or allowing yourself to become vulnerable?  Could they take advantage of you, or ruin your organization? You see when you bring in individuals to help you build something or assist on a project, they become a part of your world and thoughts like these can make you paranoid if you go into them too deeply.

Here are a few tips on how to mediate any fears or hesitations of outsourcing work:

Tip #1
Weigh Your Time vs. Expenditures

It is important to keep in mind that the purpose of outsourcing is to help make you and your team more efficient. Does the cost of outsourcing work outweigh how much time it takes you to complete tasks? Asking yourself these kind of questions will allow you to determine when your time is more valuable than the expenditures.

Tip #2
Determine Your ROI on Tasks

Take time to think about how much more return on investment you would get from a certain task if it were outsourced to someone with the particular skill set to handle said task. Some examples would be administrative and clerical tasks, graphic/web design, social media marketing and/or sales. Hiring a virtual assistant who specializes in the tasks at hand can allow you optimize how much work is accomplished.

Tip #3
Know What to Look For During Recruitment

Develop concrete interview and hiring processes that will enable you to test whether or not candidates have the right knowledge and are a good fit for what you need. Create specific questions about previous work experiences that could help identify points of improvement and strengths.

This is why having key goals, tasks, and guidelines are important when bringing on outsourced help.  Nothing is guaranteed, so the one thing that you can control is covering your bases from the beginning.  Understand your processes and work diligently to find people who can fill that role. It is all about finding the right fit for your organization.