Debunking Long-standing Myths about Hiring a Virtual Assistant


You may be looking for some additional help within your company. However, myths about hiring a virtual assistant might make you hesitant to do so. We’re here to debunk those myths and give you some clarity. Here are some myths about hiring a virtual assistant for your business:

All Virtual Assistants are the Same

VAs come with differing levels of experience and expertise, so it is important to know what you’re looking for in a virtual assistant. You’d look for quality for any other service. You should do the same when looking for a VA.

You Don’t Need to Train Your Virtual Assistant

It is a common misunderstanding that virtual assistants do not require training. This is not the case! Training in virtual assistance is a part of what separates experienced virtual assistants from inexperienced virtual assistants.

VAs Will Be Familiar with your Business Terminology and Programs

Do not expect a virtual assistant to know your business, given its name or its service. Just as you would have to outline your business’ products, services, and culture to a potential customer, you have to do the same with a virtual assistant. Create a manual so that your virtual assistant doesn’t have to take a lot of time getting up to speed.

VAs Will Hack Your Accounts and Steal Confidential Information

It is understandable that business owners would be concerned about sharing personal information and ideas, but you shouldn’t have to worry about your virtual assistant stealing your information. This is what confidentiality agreements are for. Each virtual assistant that will be working with your accounts, should sign a Confidentiality agreement thereby protecting your information.

Remote VAs are Not Effective

A virtual assistant does not have to be able to meet with you in person everyday in order to do their job efficiently. Many virtual assistants are just as productive, if not more productive, when working remotely. As long as both parties communicate any questions, comments, and concerns, things will run relatively well.

VAs are Way Too Expensive

Most VAs offer a variety of services at different rates depending on the level of assistance you require for your company. That being said, if you want to cut costs, you don’t have to hire a full-time virtual assistant. Regardless, many entrepreneurs choose to get started with a low number of hours. This way they can test the waters and see what works best for them.

VAs Should be Able to Transform the Status of Your Company

Virtual assistants are meant to do just that – assist you. They can help you with social media, project management, organization, and much more that will benefit your company. At the same time, a virtual assistant cannotHowever, they cannot be expected to drastically reconstruct your company.

VAs are Less Productive than “Regular” Assistants

A virtual assistant is more often than not, equally productive to a normal assistant. It is commonly believed that virtual assistants can only do secretarial work or administrative work. Contrary to this popular belief, virtual assistants can actually do much more; they offer services that run the gamut from content calendar management to content creation.

Your Virtual Assistant Must Be Available 24/7

Virtual assistants will likely be working with several companies during the same time period. If you contact them and they don’t respond right away, give them some time! They could be working on something for another client.

MYTH #10
You can Only Hire Your Virtual Assistant
for a Short Period of Time

Although it isn’t uncommon for businesses to hire virtual assistants temporarily, it can be beneficial to hire a long-term virtual assistant. Sticking with a specific person or team makes it easier to work together and understand each other over time.

Considering this, you can decide whether or not you want a virtual assistant.